Professional live broadcasting features

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Pairs perfectly with Wirecast

Local Wi-Fi Camera

Add unlimited iOS camera sources on your Local Area Network (LAN) using Wirecast Go’s free local camera feature. Low latency, high quality wireless cameras are at your fingertips for your multicamera production.
 Tutorial: Using Wirecast Go as a Local Wi-Fi Camera

Rendezvous Remotely

Wirecast Go integrates seamlessly with Rendezvous, Wirecast’s remote conferencing system. Any Rendezvous link will open Wirecast Go and allow you to send your live video and audio from your app to Wirecast over remote networks and LTE connections.

Features at a glance:

Wirecast Go (free version)

  • Add unlimited iOS camera sources on your Local Area Network (LAN) to Wirecast using Wirecast Go’s free local camera feature.
  • Wirecast Rendezvous Support
    • Participate in a Wirecast Rendezvous session
    • Easily toggle between your front and rear cameras
    • Use Wirecast Go production features to send more than just your Camera feed to the Wirecast host machine
  • Single camera (iPhone front or back) streaming
  • Stream directly to YouTube with just a click
  • Add images, logos and graphics to your stream from photo library
  • Switch between 2 shots
  • Basic editing (resize & move graphics)
  • Unlimited streaming

Unlock these features in app for just $5.99

  • Stream to any RTMP destination
  • Replay highlights of your live broadcast
  • Switch between unlimited shots
  • Stream private or unlisted broadcasts on YouTube


  • Device: Apple iPhone 6 and newer
  • iOS Version: 11 or later
  • Storage: 3GB+ recommended for replay storage

News & Reviews

How to go pro with your iPhone livestream by adding text and graphics

Mobile users streaming to YouTube Live with Wirecast Go can add text, graphics, and replay on the go. Here's how. – August 2016,

Thanks Telestream

…We were able to stream [my wedding] with an iPhone and a stick, and my cousin who has some disabilities, my uncle in assisted living, my family in Florida, and my brother in Sacramento were able to attend long distance. And the video quality was great! Thanks, Telestream! Best $5.99…!

Alec M